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M133 Gyro-stabilized weapon platform

The TALON is the only true active sniper marksman stabilization technology available on the world market to date.  The Talon negates the transferred movements from aircraft or vehicles down to 1 MOA.  This elimination of movement allows TALON shooters to stay on target and utilize very high magnification from unstable moving environments. 



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Gyro-stabilized weapon platform

The TALON’s lightweight man portable capability allows it to be quickly mounted in helicopters, boats, vehicles, or static ground positions.  It’s compact size and weight also allows it to be carried by hand or in a dedicated backpack which affords ease of transportation, deployment, and concealment.

Prior to the TALON, accurate shooting while moving was limited to close distances.  In an aerial platform, such as a helicopter, precision marksmanship is easily possible with the Talon out past 700 meters (7.62mm), instead of the more common 75-175 meter ranges.

The Talon does not require the use of a dedicated weapon system.  The TALON is engineered for calibers up to 300 Win Mag, with the .308 being the most common choice.  As a general rule, the TALON works best with a semi-auto, magazine fed rifles.